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Earning Dragon Kill Points

You will recieve DKP for any officially sanactioned event which is scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. The points earned for each event can be viewed on our raid target value page.

If any raid target is legitimately attempted and the force wipes, all participants will be awarded 1 DKP. For a raid attempt to be counted, the mob must be engaged only after an order of an officer, following the designated strategy given ahead of the raid. 

Additionally, all guild first kills will earn double points for those members present.

Spending Dragon Kill Points

Summary & Requirements

Most items dropped from the aforementioned raid targets will be auctioned off to members using a short term bidding system, with most auctions ending around 60 seconds. The highest value DKP bid wins each item. In the event of a tie, the first bidder to place the highest bid wins the item. Your bid meet the following requirements:

  • Recruit or full member status
  • Equipable by your class/race
  • Not intended for resale
  • Bid must not exceed the number of DKP already earned prior to start of the raid

There's no set time period for how long an auction lasts, but usually expect an auction to last for around 1 minute. If the guild is on the move or there's a high volume of bids, auctions may be extended at the discretion of the officer running the auction. Likewise, if an item frequently gathers little interest, the bidding window will be reduced. A bid will extend the auction timer by at least 5 seconds to prevent sniping.

Once an item has reached 10 DKP, the next minimum bid should be in increments of 5 DKP.


Bidding Order

Auctions are initially open to full members that have attended at least 30% of all raid targets in the past 30 days. If no bids are placed after a short period, usually 15 seconds, the bidding will open for remaining full members. Again, if there are no bids, the auction will open to recruit members. If no recruits bid after this second time interval, the bids will be open for purchase to use on your alternate characters.



Epic item drops and key quest items are currently not included in the DKP auction system.

If there are two drops of the same item being auctioned, you may not bid on both of the items at once until it has reached alternate character bidding level and is open to all members.

Main Changing

The cost for changing main characters is two weeks worth of DKP, which is currently 140 DKP. The class you wish to change to should be open for recruitment.

Raid Attendance

Minimum Attendance

In order to spend your earned dragon kill points, you must have full raid member status and attend at least 30% of all designated raids each month to bid in the opening auction tier. If you are under the required raid attendance, you won't be able to bid until the second tier. None of the points you have already earned will be affected and you will be eligible to spend them again after you have increased your attendance level and achieved full member status again.


Raid Slots

Each raid is limited to 72 players. The slots will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis to full members. Recruit members have secondary priority followed by friends and family + alternatate characters. Level 65 required.


Engaging a target before the assist call will result in loss of the DKP equal to the raid target value.

If you change your characters name, you must notify a DKP officer before attending the next raid or you will lose your existing raid attendance history and DKP. 

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