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Guild Bank


The What the Zek guild banker is named Zekbank. The guild banker generally only holds spells. A list of current in era items can be found in Discord while other out of era spells can be found by viewing the bank trader in /bazaar mode.


If you see an item on a banker that you need for your main or alt character, post a message in the #bank-requests channel on Discord. An officer will parcel the item to you at the next banker login. All items are meant for your characters and not to be re-sold.


We are no longer accepting non-spell deposits into the guild bank. In era spells can still be sent to the guild banker for members to request at no charge.

If you have crafted a neat item or wish to give an item away to the guild, send that item to Aluponya and it will be given away with /random at the start of the next raid.

Raid Cost Charges/Coverage

We pay for all essential consumables used on raids, such as gems and coffins, using guild funds. Please request consumables in the Discord "#bank-requests" channel.


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