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Recruit Process


Whether your are interested in joining our ranks as an active raider or a casual friends and family, complete an application by clicking on the Write Application tab above -- it’s just that simple to get the process started. Folks interested in the casual Friends and Family can then shoot an officer a /tell for an invite and you’re done -- you won't earn DKP, but you can still raid when there is room. Those interested in raiding, please read on~

Use the Currently Recruiting panel along the lefthand side to see what classes we’re currently in need of. Even if your class is marked as Closed, we’re probably still interested in talking to you as great level 60 players are always welcomed. Use the application to your advantage and sell yourself -- the more grouping experience you have with our members, the more likely they are to give your application a thumbs up.

If your application is approved, you’ll receive a guild invite and join the ranks as a Recruit. We'll look for you, but you must look for us online to get an invite. You have 7 days from application acceptance to get a guild invite and attend your first raid -- failure to do so will result in your application being closed.


Once you have an guild invite -- you must complete these 2 steps to be fully registered and earn DKP.

Before your first raid --

  • Join our Discord server, get your push-to-talk mic setup, sound check 1 2 1 2. You will find the details on the in-game Guild > Information tab.
  • Connect with your class lead, you’ll find them listed in the in-game guild tab with a rank of Class Leader. Look to them to help you along your recruitment journey, answer any questions you might have encounter-wise. Some classes also have an in-game chat channel they use -- /autojoin it.
  • Read and comprehend the DKP guidelines. Knowledge is power.
  • Be prepared -- bring whatever potions, resist gear, batwing crunchies you might need a raid. This applies to any raid that you attend.

Upcoming raids are shown on the Next Event panel along the lefthand side. You can also check the in-game guild Message of the Day. Folks typically begin to gather an hour before the raid, with invites going out 30 minutes prior to raid start. If you miss the raid start, no problemo -- just head on over to the next target is and join us there.

During a raid --

  • If you have questions, ask your group or your in-game guild class channel -- often someone will know the answer. When all else fails, ask in /gu or /rsay.
  • Keep Discord chatter to a minimum. Discord is not the place to be asking “Where should I go now?” or “Who do I turn this in to?” -- instead, as your group. Don’t make me mute you.
  • If you need buffs, ask! As the class, ask your assigned group buffer or ask your group leader to get group buffs. While buffs are mostly automagic, sometimes they’re not (surprise!) In the end, you need to take care of yourself and be respectful that they might have a backlog of requests.

Finally, to advance from the rank of Recruit to Member, you’ll need to --

  • Attend a minimum of 3 raid days -- each day is a +1. This will be shown in your guild Public Note.
  • Maintain an overall 50% raid attendance of bosses killed.
  • Earn a thumbs up from the class lead and other guild members.
  • You have 30 days as a Recruit to complete the process. Failure to do so will be a /boot.

We get that you have a real life, so if you can’t make every raid day and every boss -- it’s all good. Hit +4, keep your attendance >=30% and earn the thumbs up and you’ll receive your promotion to rank Member at the start of your next raid. Easy peasy.

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