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Velious Quests


Here's some web site references you can go to check out the various Velious Quests for your character, sorted by order of reward quality:

Name Faction Required Link
Halls of Testing Quests Claws of Veeshan https://wiki.project1999.com/Dozekar_Tear_Quests
Skyshrine Armor Quests Lord Yelinak http://alliance_of_mandl.tripod.com/skyshrine_quest_armor.htm
Kael Drakkal Armor Quests King Tormax http://alliance_of_mandl.tripod.com/kael_quest_armor.htm
Thurgadin Armor Quests Coldain http://alliance_of_mandl.tripod.com/thurgadin_quest_armor.htm

Other resources:


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