• Monday, 19. August 2019 12:19

Plane of Sky Flashbacks


Let me just start off with saying Plane of Sky is a major trigger point for us. Neuad told us to rest assured though - this "Plane of Air" was totally different. When will we learn about Neuad's jokes? You can't put fences up on your sky islands and throw up a big rainbow to distract us from the fact this is just another drawn out fight to murder a butterfly. LOOK AT THIS!

The first time we came here, emotions ran high. No one wanted to be conned into another Plane of Sky clear even if the zone did have a fancy name. A couple of trees weren't going to make us forget those old memories...birds, bees, and keys. Yeah. That's right...more keys. Why does everything have to be a game with these butterflies? Her servants put in these puzzles to keep us out from their long-legged god because she's a bit of a freak. Xegony is into the group scene. She's not shy with that low neck teddy and she constantly sends out invites to all of her spider silk collecting friends to come get down. She really wanted a good time but we were just too triggered from the last clear. Sorry babe.


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