• Monday, 19. August 2019 12:19

Giving Up Hope for Paladins with The Rathe Council


So the pursuit to find these Paladin recruits was getting old so I phoned up our friends in What The Guk and said "bruh we have fiery defenders - meet us Friday and we'll hook a brother up." It seems that WTG members had heard about what happened to our previous Paladin recruits and gotten suspicious...but every Paladin wants more fiery swords so they rallied some escorts to come get the lewtz.  Knowing we couldn't trap just Baldrin or Frankdabank alone, we rolled on over to The Rathe Council to "pickup the swords" so we could split their forces up a bit. 

They brought some serious troops though. They brought two stout overlords, Ending and Brutal, that didn't look they wanted to put up with our crap. Lord Catz and Disciple Fupa were constantly trying to throw us off by playing dead. There was a sneaky rake named Drohan that was constantly standing behind me for some reason...not sure what that was about. I'm told they brought a druid with them too, but I could never guess who they were. They even brought two wizards, Mandos and Oleandrin, which employed some very interesting tactics. Oleandrin was clearly playing the long game, trying to pretend she was asleep.

After the first hour into our scheme, Baldrin figured out our game so he made like the shepherd and got the flock out of there. We had to turn up the heat so we tried to wear down the army of Clerics they brought - Leonard, Drzeheals, and Uldred - by putting them on some serious slave labor. What could be worse than being assigned to heal Frank? The heal doctor got left behind in the enchanter torture chamber, which included Private Gump. In a traditional necromancer fashion, Xhivar actually liked being tortured.

After three hours, the Knights of Vallon Guk had slain all members of The Rathe Council and the island witch doctor appeared. The now throng of bards, including new dirge buddies Bongoo and Storming, rejoiced as the island music began to play...

Now was the time. We started our Paladin chant and unleashed our fury. The drums began to beat faster and faster. The voodoo was clearly working as Frankdabank tried to make a run for it. We had him trapped with no where to go...when something went wrong. To this day, we still aren't sure, but we're pretty sure it was Anorian that stopped playing his drums so he could go walk his dog. The witchdoctor's spell was broken...and he turned on us. We had to abort the mission and put the Avatar of Earth back into the dirt. Thanks Anorian.

We have decided to give up our pursuit of recruiting another Paladin. Instead, we're going to rollback time and take out our frustration on the gods. Another big thanks to everyone that came out to try and fulfill our dream!


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