• Monday, 19. August 2019 12:19

Yet Another Paladin Application


On today's episode of yet another Paladin application, we had to look at the man behind the character for a personality check. It's no secret that our guild has a great balance of personalities. We have sweet angels, professional trolls, people that never talk, people that never stop talking, parse worshipping DPS robots, and relentless heal sluts...but when Pizaz said he "knew a guy" that was a little quirky, we didn't get our hopes up but we went to check out this guy he called Big Daddy Fro anyway.

The gang mounted up and rode on over to his pad...and from the first step in, things didn't seem promising. Dude had the heat cranked way up...it was humid and his servant staff of generals and elementals were anything but friendly. He did leave out some really nice gifts for his visitors and clearly had style. He must have read our website and heard how much we love stairs because he had a really ornate staircase going up to his bedroom...and then we saw him...

Judgement started pouring out of our knights. How much of a showering bag of water can this guy be if he bought a custom title, Tyrant of Fire???? We long got rid of our guild tyrant months ago. We really had to stop and ask ourselves how desperate are we for another Paladin? I tried to send the guy a tell but it said he wasn't even online so Pizaz went in to check it out. I guess they weren't really buddies after all because Fennin Ro - I mean Big Daddy Fro came out swinging...

I don't think he would have worked out anyway because Rotteeth didn't trust him since his teeth were so white and Carrotz wouldn't stop asking him to show his teethies. She claims she didn't add him to her friends list...but she did sneak her cleric in later with some freshly made backpacks......


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