• Monday, 19. August 2019 13:09

Merger with What the Guk


It's official! Knights of Vallon Zek has merged with What the Guk to create the most lethal, trolling machine that's ever graced Agnarr!

Here's what changed:

  • New leadership team!
  • Different eastern based raid schedule!
    • Tuesday: 8PM to 11PM
    • Friday: 8PM to 11PM
    • Sunday: 6:30PM to 11PM
  • Lower sodium!
  • Adjusted bidding tiers and recruitment requirements!
    • 30% raid attendance to bid in first tier
    • Recruits promoted to full members at the end of their 4th raid
  • Rebalanced target based DKP!
    • 30 DKP on Sunday
    • 20 DKP on Tuesday/Friday
  • More exclamation marks!

We have consummated the marriage with a zero wipe Plane of Time clear. We're going to be on a diet of Quarm with a side of Zeks for awhile.


Calm down satan.

That raid night was pretty epic and the kills were way to easy. Rathe Council anyone? =)>

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